ACG WABI SABI Collaborative

October 14, 2021- November 30, 2021

ACG Wabi Sabi Collaborative paintings are a complete representation of two distinct styles, coming together to complement each other. Pairing together Albert's Wabi Sabi series with Caroline's abstract work, enhances the individuals works, but finds a way to mold together quite well. The process of this series of collaborative work between The Gonzales' is different from their collaborative work they have previously made together. Processes of collaboration through art have been one key foundation since the beginning of their relationship. This teamwork, and communication is something that extends into other parts of their daily life together, and as a family. With this series Caroline and Albert do not communicate color pallet or layout/design beforehand. This gives them a chance to have freedom to mold the painting however they choose. Caroline chose this style of abstract for the collaboration to give herself room for fluidity and transparency, no matter what colors might be used, or direction the painting might take on. Albert's Wabi Sabi's compliment perfectly with this background style: the bold lines, and the pops of color from the stems and pedals of the flowers. Through Albert's Wabi Sabi series, the flower represents who people truly are. Just like a flower, everyone had imperfections and insecurities. The flower is a symbol that we are all beautiful and bold, and we have to embrace it to continue to grow like a flower. 

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Albert Gonzales Official Artist sitehttps://albertgonzales.com

Caroline Gonzales Official Artist siteblkwhtgry.co/exhibitions/caroline/

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2315 Union St. Houston, TX 77007 

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Located in Houston's Old Sixth Ward